About JOY

JOY is John Orion Young. A contemporary artist creating in all mediums, worlds, and dimensions. 

Art is created in virtual reality, sold and collected on the blockchain in the JOY Art Market.

These JOY creatures encompass a new dimension, JOY World, where you can travel (coming soon to a device near you), play, and create with them.

As a composer and producer JOY creates danceable tunes in collaboration and inspiration with the JOY art creatures and streamable on your favorite streaming platforms.  

The JOY Collection, buyable in the shop, is a selection of goods from JOY World brought to you on the earth-plane.

JOY believes in the ever-expanding power of creativity and uses it as a driving force for life. His mission is to reach every human in the earth-dimension and encourage them to create more.

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Email: hi@joy.lol