JOYWORLD is a virtual place where simulated creatures called JOYs are conspiring to make you feel JOYfull and creative.

Meet the first JOYs to cross-over to the Earth-plane in the JOYWORLD MARKET. Collect them, gain their super-dooper-creative-powers, and prepare for the full takeover.

Join the movement, and buy a t-shirt to help spread the JOYWORLD propaganda!

JOYWORLD was founded by the contemporary artist JOY - John Orion Young. It’s mission is to spread creativity and joyfulness like a virus on earth through immersion, storytelling, interactivity, inclusion, and fun! If you are curious, excited, always learning, and want to help make JOYWORLD, follow us on AngelList. You will be the first to see new opportunities to work on and invest in JOYWORLD.

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Email: hi@joy.lol